Peaches | Jun 2023
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Peaches Dowon hosted a special event featuring two renowned French Ping Pong Players from Paris, France. I had the opportunity to capture the essence of the occasion through photography and filming, alongside curating a professional menu focused on the delightful flavors of Korean cuisine. As the designated photographer and filmmaker, I aimed to immortalize the thrilling moments of the Ping Pong matches and the overall ambiance of the event.

2023, Personal Branding
︎Heyu ︎ - / @heyu.eats               
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The Heyu project began as a personal brand aimed at introspection and self-expression, symbolized by its name, "Hey you." Through art, food, and photography, I explored different facets of my life and identity. Art became a medium for creative expression, while food represented the joy of diverse culinary experiences. Photography allowed me to capture meaningful moments, preserving memories and inspiring growth. Heyu embodies my journey of self-discovery, celebrating my identity and fostering connections with others who share similar passions. This project has been profoundly fulfilling, contributing to both my personal and professional growth, and empowering me to better understand and embrace myself.

2017, The Diary of Piglet Ellie
Children’s Book

I have authored, illustrated, and penned a heartfelt children's book that embodies my personal journey of overcoming struggles and fostering understanding among people from different racial backgrounds, drawing from my own experiences as an individual hailing from Sout Korea. This book serves as a captivating narrativethat resonates with young readers, aiming to promote empathy, inclusivity, and harmony through its engaging storyline and expressive illustrations.