Co - founder | Mar 2020 - Aug 2020
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Give - A - Book provides a creative kit and online/offline education services to make picture book creation easy for everyone. It is a non-profit art project that aims to build a community around creating picture books as a universal art form.

The created picture books are further promoted through web archiving, social media, exhibitions, and original video content to reach a wider audience.
I participated in this project for about 5 months, engaging in planning, design, and filming processes, learning from initial planning to final production. Through collaboration with other team members, I gained valuable communication experience. This project, which required smooth communication with team members overlapping in tight schedules, was crucial. Working on these contents, I became interested in how this project could have a positive long-term impact on society.

By participating in this project, I have supported Give A Book's operations for promoting the creation and circulation of picture books, as well as contributing to social projects and producing subsequent original content.