BX Designer / Illustrator
📍Between seoul x nyc
💌: heyu.projects@gmail.com

I specialize in brand design, fashion graphics, illustration, with using vibrant visual identities.
My creativity extends to doodling, photography, and fashion articles.
I'm excited to collaborate globally and create outstanding design.

✶  Ever Model
     Direct Assistant | Mar 2023 - Oct 2023
     ↘︎ website | Instagram
  • Coordinated photo shoots, facilitating collaboration between photographers, models, and production teams to achieve client objectives.
  • Provided model direction and translation as needed.
  • Managed the relationship between the modeling agency and advertisers.

✶  Santiago Project
     Editorial Design | 2023
     ↘︎ Client’s blog
  • Led the conceptualization and execution of layout design for a prominent travel essay book.
  • Spearheaded the creation of the book cover, synthesizing visual elements to encapsulate the essence of the content.

✶  Peaches
     Freelance | Jun 2023
      ↘︎ website | Instagram
  • Designed menu that blended traditional Korean delicacies, leaving a lasting impression on the guests and players.
  • Captured the essence of a special event featuring two renowned French Ping Pong Players from Paris, France through photography and filming.
  • Designed and curated a professional menu showcasing the delightful flavors of Korean cuisine for the event.
  • Immortalized the thrilling moments of the Ping Pong matches and the vibrant ambiance of the occasion.
  • Ensured high-quality visual storytelling by using the latest photography and filming techniques.

✶  Kollaborate
     BX Designer | Aug 2022 - Dec 2022
  • Served as a Brand Designer, responsible for overseeing all visual aspects of the company, including business cards, social media graphics, posters, and other related materials
  • In charge of a leadership role in overseeing and successfully launchin the “Eco Wear” Clothing line, website, and a brand dedicated to promoting eco - friendly practices.

✶  Coverfriends
     Collaboration | Oct 2020 - Mar 2021
     ↘︎ website | Instagram
  • Utilized strategic meetings to discern suitable monthly themes, which were then artistically interpreted into illustrations, culminating in the consistent release of fresh cellphone case designs.

    Co - founder | Mar 2020 - Aug 2020
    ↘︎ Instagram
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, initiated a giving project by collaborating with students from various institutions, including Rhode Island School of Design, Hongik, and Korea National University of Arts.
  • Developed instructional videos, conducted workshops, and created social media content and typography to engage students from different universities and support the project.
  • As a significant outcome, donated illustrated books to orphanages, emphasizing the impact of your collaborative effort and community contribution.

✶  Banana Monkeys
     UI/UX | May 2017 - Aug 2017
  • Established a peer tutor service that connects users with professionally trained students on campus and improved service quality through the analysis of active users’ feedback.
  • Designed the website, logo, and typography using Photoshop and Illustrator, collaborating with developers from Boston College and Northwestern University.

Kiwi Production
    Album Cover Design | May 2015 - Aug 2015
  • Designed three music album covers that are officially published on global streaming service such as ITunes Produced multiple music videos.

✶  The Scholastic Arts and Writing | Aug 2016
  • Recieved Gold Key & Silver Key in Mixed Media

✶  Sotheby’s Institude of Art | Issued Oct 2022
  • Art and Technology: From AI to NFTs
✶  Open Gallery
     ↘︎ websiteInstagram
     Customer Relations Intern | Jun 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Managed communication with 100+ clients through chat messenger, effectively nurturing customer relationships.
  • Compiled and organized a database of 300+ artworks and contact details of 15 renowned artists.
  • Curated and introduced optimal art selections tailored to clients’ specific spaces and preferences.

✶  Samsung Life Insurance
     Marketing Intern | July 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Drafted and presented research materials about sharing economy players such as Uber or Tada to 4 managers.
  • Visited and interviewed global companies such as Deloitte and DHL in Singapore.